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from Products.Archetypes.public import *
from Products.LinguaPlone.utils import registerType, process_types
from Products.LinguaPlone.I18NBaseObject import I18NBaseObject as BaseObject
from Products.LinguaPlone.I18NBaseContent import I18NBaseContent as BaseContent
from Products.LinguaPlone.I18NBaseFolder import I18NBaseFolder as BaseFolder
from Products.LinguaPlone.I18NBaseBTreeFolder import I18NBaseBTreeFolder as BaseBTreeFolder
from Products.LinguaPlone.I18NOrderedBaseFolder import I18NOrderedBaseFolder as OrderedBaseFolder

# Calculate which modules should be exported
import sys
skipExports = ('skipExports', 'sys',)
__all__ = tuple([ export
                  for export in dir(sys.modules[__name__])
                  if export not in skipExports and not export.startswith('_')

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