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zope-linguaplone-0.7::I18NBaseObject::I18NBaseObject Class Reference

Inherits Acquisition::Implicit.

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Detailed Description

Base class for translatable objects 

Definition at line 48 of file I18NBaseObject.py.

Public Member Functions

def addTranslation
def defaultLanguage
def getCanonical
def getCanonicalLanguage
def getLanguage
def getNonCanonicalTranslations
def getTranslation
def getTranslationLanguages
def getTranslations
def invalidateTranslationCache
def invalidateTranslations
def isCanonical
def isTranslation
def manage_beforeDelete
def notifyCanonicalUpdate
def outdated
def processForm
def removeTranslation
def setCanonical

Static Public Attributes

tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __implements__ = (ITranslatable,)

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